December 8, 2014

About Us

RMIT ASA is a free-to-join, student run society aimed at providing direction, support and communication opportunities to all business students looking to achieve that cutting edge in securing potential job prospects.

ASA prides itself on providing students with invaluable information to progress further in creating important connections that can set you on the right path to a brilliant career!

Fully affiliated with RUSU for its 6th year, the team at ASA have organised a number of excellent networking opportunities to enhance communication between current students and employers from national and globally recognised organisations.

ASA Committee Board for 2017:

President – Samila Gunaratne
Vice President – Megan Hong
Committee Secretary – Ganesh Pillai
Treasurer – Zoe Kotiadis
Director of Academic & Corporate Relations – Raul Annedi
Director of Communications and Marketing – Aditya Gupta
Director of Events – Michael Pham
Academic & Corporate Relations Officer – Kelsey Bonlin & Sharon Hii
Communications & Marketing Officer – Grace Hmun
Events Officer – Charlotte Dean-Graham
BSA Representative – Samila Gunaratne